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• Organizing Committee

C2 Organizing Committee Officers

President: Pedro Russo (NL, Leiden University)
Vice-President: Richard Tresch Fienberg (US, American Astronomical Society)
Secretary: Kingsley C. Okpala (NG, University of Nigeria)
Megan Kirsty Argo (UK, Manchester University)
Lars Lindberg Christensen (DE, ESO)
Carol Ann Christian (US, Space Telescope Science Inst)
Sylvie D. Vauclair (FR, IRAP)

C2 "supporters"

Clearly this should include members of the three constituencies:

  • “Producers”,
  • “Public information officers” and
  • “Mediators” of astronomical information.

As well as representatives of:

  • Major funding agencies,
  • The planetarium community and
  • Amateur societies.

Attention will definitely be given to including people from countries where communication and outreach are even less well developed than they are in Western Europe and North America. Links will be established to Commission 46, Astronomy Education and Development, which is already a part of Division XII and has a broad, but somewhat different scope.